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Ramsey Amin DDS

Hi Louis,

It sounds like you are describing a cantilever. That will work with 8 implants as long as they are all connected.

A bar underneath works when the space from top to bottom is very large. Otherwise, I would avoid it and have a fully fixed bridge.

You won't lose any major jawbone in the area of the implants.

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hi dr Ramsey,could you please help me with your advise ,i need to do 8 implants and fixed porcelan bridge with 10 teeth on it ,sinus area and one on the close to mollar is going to be attached without implant due to bone loss.
abutments are going to be semiprecious alloy.i currently wear denture and intend to use it after one week after my first surgery ,my surgeon is very experienced and also lecturer on faculty .i investigated in detail for couple of months about implants,bone loss ,grafting ,sinus lift etc. i need to ask you will i have further bone loss in areas where i have connected tooth with no implant and would that bone loss spread to my implants and cause loosing it ,that would means loosing my bridge all in one piece screwed into implants ps my oral surgeon want to create bridge supported with bar inside,what is your opinion about this prosedure

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