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Dr. Ramsey Amin DDS

Hi Jack,

If you have upper teeth above it, it is far better to have 2-3 implants. This will support your bone and prevent bite collapse.

Avoid "minimal engineering" for your dental implant restorations.

Bone grafts can routinely be done on the same day that the implants are placed.


Dr. Amin

Jack Fronrath

I have been missing teeth number 17,18 & 19 for over 40 years. Periodontist said that he can do an implant where tooth 19 is but that I don't need anymore implants than that to function. He will graft it that day and put the implant in there the same day. From reading your material is this really wise to do in one day? Can I function with just one implant? There are teeth on the top above these? thank you.

Dr. Ramsey Amin DDS

Hi Pat,

Was the area bone grafted initially? Or was it just placed normally?

Dr. Amin

pat maxwell

Hello Dr Ramsey,
I am a very healthy 52 yr old female(if that matters) Non smoker, No Medicines (except for antibiotics during implants) exercise eat healthy... My Oral maxafacial surgeon has been unsuccessful in completing right back molar implant. twice failed. He is recommending to remove failed implant and replace immediately with larger implant (if site looks healthy enough) Is there any cautions you may have for me going forward? Would you recommend I seek another opinion and from what kind of surgeon? I am in New Jersey, 07090 zip code, if you have any recommendations/referrals I greatly appreciate your time and concern.
thank you

Dr Lou Shuman

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