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Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Aquarian,

I suggest you get in the hands of a very skilled implant dentist.

Follow the link on the upper left area of my blog to the American Board of Oral Implantology. You will find a very qualified dentist to help you get started.


Dr. Amin


Hi, I am a 22yr old young lady and i had was terrified of the dentist as a child as a result i am now missing a total of 10 teeth from my mouth.Molars on the bottom of each side of my mouth and also directly above the bottom teeth have all been extracted. I am very concerned with my face shrinking at such a young age.I dont socialize with friends much and i am currently dealing with severe depressing and anxiety. I also feel that my sinusus are damaged due to toothloss..Is the facial sagging reversable if i undergo implants? At this point i am totaly overwhelmed and i dont know where to begin to fix this problem..what do u suggest?

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