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My mom has gingivitis and some bone loss. The dentist reccomended a plasma treatment without a bone graph. Is the plasma treatment ever effective if used without a bone graph?

Randy Thomas

Thanks for replying Dr. Amin,

Last December my jaw bone was removed along with the tumor. Unfortunately there was no bone graph in addition to the BMP. Needless to say it failed miserably and I will have to undergo 2 more surgeries to correct it.

Thanks again, Randy

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Randy,

PRP and BMP are usually used IN ADDITION to a bone graft. Sometimes for areas that large, bone has to be taken from your hip and used for the jaw bone.

Randy Thomas

Hi Dr. Amin,
I have a question about PRP & BMP. Back in december I had my lower right jaw bone removed because of a tumor. Is it possible to regrow that whole bone back by using either of those products without a bone graph. Or is the bone graph crucial in a proceedure like this.

Thank you for your time, Randy

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