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Ramsey Amin DDS

Hi Laura,

The BMP you describe is not made by your blood. It is purchased. It is very expensive. You may not need it.

PRP is not BMP.

Are you available to come in for me to look at you?

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
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Burbank, California
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Hi Dr. Admin,

I having 4 missing front teeth and a lot of bone loss around this area. My doctor is going to do bone graft by extracting my own bone in my lower jaw. In addition, he is going to use PRP/BMP which costs more than $3000. Why does the procedure costs so much? He mentioned that he was gonna use my own blood for PRP, but he also said the BMP is expensive and it's needed in my case. I am a little confused by your post. Should those two (PRP, BMP) work together? Or should either of them work along with bone grafting?

Thank you very much for your time!

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Laura,

I saw your x-ray.

By just x-ray alone, BMP "may' be a bit overkill in your situation. You have what looks to be a VERY common situation of a failed root canal tooth. Extraction, grafting and implant should be straightforward.

I would have to see you and your evaluate your health to be certain of this.

PRP is only added to a bone graft material. It is usually not used alone.

Dr. Amin


Dear Dr. Amin,

I have been just diagnosed with a condition that require extraction of tooth # 30 and subsequent bone grafting. As much as I would like to promptly attack and resolve the issue, I know nothing about the possible
procedures and have decided to become informed about the most advanced options available.

I was surprised that the PRP BMP technique is
either not offered or deemed 'unenecessary' by most maxillo facial surgeons I consulted with. My gut feeling is that they are either
unfamiliar with it or just do not want to bother as it brings no immediate financial compensation, but it seems to me like the best and healthiest technique out there, which is how I found you.

I read about your PRP BMP technique with great interest and would like to ask you if both can be safely and easily obtained from a small amount of the patient's own blood, does that mean that no foreign bone graft is transplanted into the patient and that it would be a 100% patient bone graft?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Laney,

It may be possible for that to work. PRP is used by more than just dentists. It is used for wound care too.

We usually use it with grafts, but it will make any surgery heal well too.

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