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Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Diane,

Usually extensive bone grafting is not required for the lower jaw to have a non-removable option. The upper jaw usually does.

Err on the side of more than less implants, especially if you choose to "upgrade" your implants to fixed at a later date.

Are you local enough to come in for me to look at you?

Dr. Amin

Diane Romano

Dear Doctor Amin, I am soeaking to a periodontist about a 'permanent denture'- my dentist who is a Prothodontist will do my teeth. My problem is my two sides of my mouth are thin. I want a non-removable denture on the bottom as I am in the beauty business. My Periodontish says he can do 5 or 6 implants around my front to my first molar. This is not a cheap procedure at all. Will this secure this denture?? I have read above what you said. Bone grafts would be a hardship for me. Thank You so much!

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Bob,

I think you should follow up with your dentist. Have them carefully adjust the bite. That is often the source of pain.

An overdenture with only two implants will generally still rock. The denture is held in, but it can still move in the back. Consider adding 1 -2 more implants.

A prosthodontist may or may not be the answer. Just be sure to see any dentist highly experienced to troubleshoot this if you have to go elsewhere.

Bob L.

Hello Doctor, my question pertains to two implants that I have in my lower jaw. I have had the denture for about three months now and have had use of the denture for the last two weeks and it doesn't fit right yet. I have been back to the dentist that made the denture and put in the posts and caps more than seven times. The denture still rocks back to front. The last visit was Tues. the 15th.Also, my lower gums are jammed up into the cap holes and leaves me with aching gums at the end of the day. Is there something wrong here?
Should I go to another dentist? I don't find any prosthodontists in the area I live. How do I go about finding a dentist that can examine the implants and denture and recommend a proper procedure. The work has already been paid for. Bob L

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Maria,

It depends on what your goals are. Do you have a problem with your dentures staying in? If so, the full overdenture may be a better option.

The front implants with a fixed bridge will always allow you to have your front teeth in place even when you sleep. You could transition to implants in the back and have a separate bridge in the back left and back right to supplement the front fixed bridge at a later date. The bone preservation of fixed dental implants is ideal.

Can you send your x-rays and photographs to me?

Dr. Ramsey Amin

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