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Ramsey Amin DDS

Hi Caroline,

Now that the tooth is out, I would just wait two to four months to place the implant.

Go with the most qualified dentist that you feel comfortable with. This is a body part, that should be with you for many years, so choose the best!

A prefabricated abutment is usually fine for molar teeth, but each tooth is VERY different!

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I had tooth #30 extracted and a bone graft for some bone loss done 6 weeks ago without any complications. I plan on having an implant done. One periodontist (the one that did the extraction) wants to wait 4-6 months after extraction to do the implant only. A dentist would do a custom abutment and crown. The other periodontist (who is board certified) recommends doing an implant with a prefab abutment 3 months after extraction. In this case, a dentist would do the crown only. I saw the second periodontist 3 weeks after extraction and he said he probably would have done the extraction with an immediate implant, if he had done it himself. I can't decide which periodontist to go with. I wondered if you had any advice on how long to wait before implant, and prefab vs. custom abutments? Also, if I go with the second periodontist, he likes to work with a different dentist than mine. Do you think it is best to have the implant and crown done with a "team" or does it make a difference if the periodontist doing the implant and the dentist doing the crown don't usually work together?

Thank you.

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