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Dr. Ramsey Amin

Distraction osteogenesis is another way to build height. It is the process of "stretching" bone to make more bone.

Each situation is so different Cheryl so I cant exactly tell you what to do.

BMP is used in conjuction with a bone graft to build new bone. It is probably not necessary.

It is easier to build height in the upper jaw rather than the lower. Often times you can bypass building the height back and just build back the width of bone.

The height can be corrected with some creative prosthetics and avoid complex and costly surgeries.

I have done this for so many patients and sometimes it is te only option. I also build bone vertically when needed especially for an upper front tooth.

Cheryl O'Bryan

I am in florida ...

Aside from bone grafting what else can grow bone so I can increase the height so I can get the implants done?

What is bmp used for? Is this necessary?

Thank you.

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Cheryl,

Bone expansion of the LOWER jaw is a technique that a handful of dentists do and have mastered. The upper jaw is easier to expand.

In my opinion, it is the very best for long term crestal bone stabilty.

More important than the type of bone used is that it is the right type for YOUR situation. Surgical technique of your dentist is critical to the result.

If you reside in my area, please come in for an exam and maybe I can help you.

Cheryl O'Bryan

I emailed you in another section of your presentation. I do not think that there are dentists in my area that do bone expansion process for the width needed in my case.

What other bone growth materials can be used that will grow bone width versus doing a bone graft or bone expansion process?

This is for the lower back right teeth to place a 3 implant bridge once my last tooth is removed.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Thanks for sharing this informational video.

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