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Dr. Ramsey Amin


A sinus lift graft usually take between 4 to 9 months to heal. A lot depends on the size and extent of the graft.

Dr. Amin


I have to have an upper sinus lift and would like to know realistically how long the recovery; bone growth, etc will take before the implant is inserted? I get different time frames from different dentists. One said 6 months which is too long as with all my past dental work, I heal quickly. Thank you

Dr. Ramsey Amin

Hi Susanne,

There is a neat way to have a temporary with your braces.

Ask your dentist to "hang" a tooth on the ortho wire. This will fill in the space and still allow you to move the teeth.

I do this all the time!

Dr. Amin


I currently have braces making space to put in an implant for my front upper lateral incisor.

My current dentist has only quoted me for the completion of the braces treatment. Told me i have at least 8 months left to go... although I believe there to be a significant GAP in my front tooth already.

This makes me self conscious and unwilling to smile or talk. Is there a way to make the gap less noticeable? Such as this temporary teeth you have mentioned in this post? While i complete my braces treatment?

Dr. Esen

a great blog, you've inspired me to consider a blog for my practice.

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